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United Power Machinery Group companies is one of the Malaysian leading importer and distributor for wide range of industrial tools, machinery and equipment in ASEAN region. The group companies’ subsidiaries are APE Industrial Supplies and JET Machinery Sdn Bhd which carry   prestigious brands such as EPPLE, EUROPOWER, EUROX, GARVO JET, JETMAC, HAOMAI, KENNEDY, LAGUNA, ROBINTEC, ROMEO, SEMPROX, SWIZZ-TEC, YATO, 4M, and etc.



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Group’s History & Milestones


APE Industrial Supplies Sdn Bhd was established as the distributor for NDT instruments, Cromwell / Kennedy tools  and equipment, and importer for various industrial products.


JET Machinery Sdn Bhd, a leading distributor for JET wood and metalworking machinery in ASEAN region.


United Power Machinery Sdn Bhd, become 1st YATO overseas distributor and pioneer in ASIA region.


APE Launched EUROPOWER brand machinery and equipment.

2011 - Present

United Power Machinery group companies became leading tools & machinery importer with established its own brand machinery, such as EPPLE, EUROX, JETMAC, LAGUNA, ROBINTEC, ROMEO, SWIZZ-TEC, 4M, and etc.

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